Monday, June 23, 2008


I've brought meals to many friends, and one thing I'm learning is that it's best to bring everything in disposable tupperware or containers. For a few reasons: 1. Then you don't have to worry about getting your dish back from them- and they don't have to worry about getting it back to you. 2. It makes it easier for them too because they can just toss the container when they're done, not having to wash the dish, and put it somewhere for safekeeping until they can find the time to bring it back to you.
To be honest, I have gotten things from people in dishes that I still have their dishes! That's horrible to even admit, but it's true. It's family, and one is someone that I don't see very often. And the other I see pretty often, but each time I see them I forget! So I guess I'm just trying to say it's easier all around to do tupperware rather than dishes. :)

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