Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Once A Month Mom Rocks!

Hey there! One of our wonderful facebook fans has shared with us an AWESOME new site. It's called Once A Month Mom, and it is all about once a month cooking. The author, Tricia, has even expanded it to making baby meals once a month too. I just checked the site out (it is SO gorgeous- and SO well put together,) and I can't wait to just dig into it and try this once a month cooking out. It is free to use, and she has a monthly menu with breakfasts lunches, and dinners that you can download and print. Get this- she even has customized labels that you can download and print for each meal, complete with the name of the meal and serving instructions!

Once I have a whole freezer full of meals, it will be that much easier to sign up to bring someone a meal when I get a foodtidings invite to make a meal for someone. Then I can take my pick as to what I'd like to bring them, and it's already put together. I'm super excited about Once A Month Mom! Thanks, Tricia for helping to make our lives easier with once a month cooking.

Oh, and there is a link at the top for just recipes if you're not interested in the cooking for a month part, and just want ideas for great meals.

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Recipe Sharing Site

Hi there everyone! One of our fans from our facebook page, Heather, just shared with me her new recipe sharing blog. It looks like it's going to be very cool. There are only a few recipes on it so far, but it has great potential to be a wonderful resource for finding great recipes to bring to our friends and family. Feel free to check it out, and even share a favorite recipe or two! Click here for the link. Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Help for Moms with Post Partum Depression

We wanted to send a shout and prayers out to Katherine Stone. I came across her blog today, I read some of the posts and was pretty moved by the reality of the depression some women deal during and after pregnancy. Food Tidings is a resource to help support families and moms when baby arrives so Katherine's blog is a resource we want to make the FT community aware of. Thanks for the service and hope you provide Katherine!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Order Take Out for Cheap

I just got $100 in gift certificates to some awesome restaurants in AZ for $20.00 on This site is awesome! When you go there and find the restaurants you like, they have $25.00 gift certificates for $10.00 which is awesome itself, then you put in the promo code FREEDOM and it gives you a 50% discount. That deal is going on until tomorrow (Tuesday, July 6th). ENJOY!