Friday, December 19, 2008

New Meal Schedule Quick Search

A few people have asked about searching meal schedules. While we understand the need, especially since we all delete/lose emails easily, we still care about the privacy of the families/people whom the schedule is for. That said, we are going to be rolling out a new search tool that will allow you to have limited search for existing meal schedules based on the schedule title. Usually, the title has the families name included.

This new search feature does come with some limitations however. We are restricting the search results to include only the title of the schedule, the zip code of the drop-off address and the email contact for the coordinator. What this search tool allows is for people who heard about the schedule but didn't receive an invite, they can request the link from the coordinator. Also, people who lost their invite link can now search for the schedule and ask the coordinator to resend it.

We expect this feature to be rolled out in the next week or so! I will post to the blog announcing that it is ready.

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