Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Once A Month Mom Rocks!

Hey there! One of our wonderful facebook fans has shared with us an AWESOME new site. It's called Once A Month Mom, and it is all about once a month cooking. The author, Tricia, has even expanded it to making baby meals once a month too. I just checked the site out (it is SO gorgeous- and SO well put together,) and I can't wait to just dig into it and try this once a month cooking out. It is free to use, and she has a monthly menu with breakfasts lunches, and dinners that you can download and print. Get this- she even has customized labels that you can download and print for each meal, complete with the name of the meal and serving instructions!

Once I have a whole freezer full of meals, it will be that much easier to sign up to bring someone a meal when I get a foodtidings invite to make a meal for someone. Then I can take my pick as to what I'd like to bring them, and it's already put together. I'm super excited about Once A Month Mom! Thanks, Tricia for helping to make our lives easier with once a month cooking.

Oh, and there is a link at the top for just recipes if you're not interested in the cooking for a month part, and just want ideas for great meals.

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