Monday, October 4, 2010

Meal Idea Monday- Spaghetti and Cupcakes

Christina sent us a message via facebook about a meal she brought to someone...

"We did spaghetti for dinner and dessert one time... seemed to be a big hit! We made normal spaghetti (easy and inexpensive) and for dessert we made spaghetti cupcakes... the kids loved them. Yellow cupcakes with white frosting tinted yellow, drizzled over the cupcakes that were all very close together. The sauce was sugar free strawberry jam with Ferrero Rocher candies as the meatballs and shaved white chocolate as the cheese. Fun fun and easy. Got the idea out of the Hello Cupcake book by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson"

What a creative idea, Christina! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your Monday, everyone!

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