Saturday, August 15, 2009

The "Perfect Meal"

I was thinking this afternoon about a meal that I brought to my good friend who is pregnant with triplets. (She's doing great by the way, but she can't do too much of anything so that she doesn't go into labor too early.) Anyways, when I signed up to bring them dinner, I immediately started trying to think of the "perfect" meal to bring to them. I was thinking today about how I do this every time I sign up to bring anyone a meal. I want it to be just the right meal, that tastes just perfect; something they will remember... why do I do that? I look at what everyone else is bringing, and I want people to see that I'm bringing "that" meal, you know what I mean? Silly, really.

Well, you know what I ended up bringing my friend? Plain old chicken and rice from the crock pot. I made a little extra, and that's what my family had that night for dinner as well. And as we were eating it, I told my husband, "I don't think I can bring this to them tonight..." He asked me why not? It's great, he said. Yes, but it's just so plain. I don't know why I feel the need to bring a meal to a family that I wouldn't make for my own family- you know, like this gourmet feast, complete with side dishes and all. I'm not sure if anyone else does this, but I just thought I'd post this to encourage anyone who ever struggles with feeling like what they may bring isn't good enough, that's just crazy talk! And I'm talking to myself as well when I type this. Anything that we end up bringing, if it is made (or bought) with love and care- that is the perfect meal. We are bringing so much more than food to people when we bring them meals during a time when it's needed... we're bringing them love, care, hope, help, rest, encouragement, a smile, and friendship. And those are things that are so awesome for the healing process- either of someone's physical body, or even of their spirit.

So the next time you're thinking of what to bring, don't over analyze. Whether you make it or buy it, just think about who you're making it for. Something I try and remember to do while I'm making it, is to pray for that person or family while I'm making it. And know that this small gesture of bringing a meal, is more helpful to them than you know!


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