Saturday, October 17, 2009

Website to Help Make Healthier Food Choices

Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well on this wonderful weekend.

I wanted to share a favorite website of one of our Foodtidings friends, Andrea. It's called Family Food Experts, and it's filled with helpful information regarding healthy food choices. Their site says they "provide healthier food solutions kids love to eat", and it looks to be so true! There are some great recipes, they have a blog, and the two creators of the site are passionate about getting the word out to help others create healthier lifestyles for families in the food department.

They even created a "kid kritics approved" seal that can be found on healthy foods in your local grocery store. Here's what the site says about the seal:
"We created the Kid Kritics Seal in order to make your healthy food choices easier. When you see our seal it shows that the product meets all of our ingredient standards, and has been blind taste tested by at least 70% of our Kid Kritics (5-14 years.) Watch for this seal on products in your stores, so you know it's a good buy!"
Click here for the link for the current list of Kid Kritic approved foods. I think that is such a wonderful thing, and I'll be keeping my eye out in the grocery store for the seal!

There are so many wonderful things about this site, and I know each time I go to it, I'll find more to learn. I'm very interested in making healthy food choices for me and my family, and this site will help me in my journey. Thank you Andrea, for the site suggestion!

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